Independent retailer Dales Traditional Butchers in Carnforth is running a series of activities throughout UK Sausage Week and donating a proportion of sausage sales to the North West Air Ambulance.

For each kg of sausages Dales Butchers sells throughout UK Sausage Week (29th October to 4th November), the business will be donating 50p to the local charity.

Owner Mark Duckworth said: “Last year we got really involved in UK Sausage Week and won one of the categories. We used the campaign to donate a proportion of sales to the local Girl Guides and were realty pleased with the response. We thought: why not use UK Sausage Week to not only raise awareness of what we do but to also help our local community?

“The North West Air Ambulance is vital to our community because we are based in a rural area and cannot simply rely on the regular ambulance service alone.”

In addition to helping the North West Air Ambulance, Mark is donating a proportion of his sausage sales to a local play group.

He explained: “The play group is run on a voluntary basis and plays a fantastic part in our community. Sausages are one of my passions and we are so pleased with what Meat Management is doing with Sausage Week and the various ways we can get involved.”

Throughout the week, Dales Butchers will have more than 20 varieties of sausages available each day – 10 of which are previous award-winning varieties and several gluten free options will be available too.

The business is also running a UK Sausage Week special offer: Buy 5lb of sausage (any mixture of varieties) for £20.

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