Behind the scenes of UK Sausage Week, the Meat Management magazine team is also celebrating the great UK banger.

It may be getting towards the end of the working week and although UK Sausage Week runs until the 3rd November the Meat Management squad didn’t want to miss out so tucked into a selection of bangers at lunchtime.

Publisher of Meat Management magazine, Graham Yandell said: “The Meat Management team are always up for a celebration and of course UK Sausage Week is a perfect opportunity to have some fun and enjoy a variety of sausage products – plus some fizz to wash it all down!

“We have been really delighted with the response so far this week and it’s great to hear about different events taking place around the country. UK Sausage Week provides a timely opportunity for the trade to get behind the great British banger and more importantly to increase sales over the all-important autumn and winter period.”