The UK Sausage Week organising team enjoyed day of fun and games to celebrate the success of the campaign.

Staff members from every department of Meat Management magazine (the publication behind UK Sausage Week) brought sausage treats to the office and took part in a fiercely competitive game of ‘Pin The Tail on the Sausage Dog’.

Pin The Tail on the Sausage Dog was the game of the day.

It was a close call, with some strong contenders, but the winner was Sharon Yandell who was presented with a trophy for her efforts.

The team tucked into a variety of homemade and shop-bought sausage rolls and sausage dishes throughout the day, as well as sausage-topped pizzas and a special UK Sausage Week cake which was christened ‘Sammy the Sausage Dog’.

Congratulations to ‘top sausage’ Sharon Yandell!

Meat Management editor Emily Ansell Elfer said: “UK Sausage Week is not only an excellent opportunity to celebrate the great British banger, it’s also a great chance for businesses – food businesses especially – to celebrate the hard work and contribution of their team members. We certainly enjoyed stepping away from our desks and tucking into some sausages!”

‘Sammy the Sausage Dog’ was soon devoured by the team along with numerous sausages.