Celebrating UK Sausage Week in a truly unique way, Meatline butchers has launched a sausage promotion to run alongside the campaign, which commences today, inviting its online community to provide their own sausage-based movie quotes.

The competition’s winner will win a mixed hamper of 100 of the shop’s speciality sausages, which include Mexican pork fajita, chilli and lime, lamb merquez and pork, stilton and apple sausage creations.

Commenting on the UK Sausage Week competition, marketing manager, Dom Morgan, said: “It’s all about the sausages and this is why we want to get behind UK Sausage Week.

“We always encourage intelligent input and the response and feedback to this particular shout out has been brilliant.”

Among the shop’s most favourite sausage-based movie quotes include “You’re gonna need a bigger sausage” (from Jaws), “You had me at sausage” (Jerry Maguire), “Nobody puts sausage in a corner” (Dirty Dancing) and “They may take away our sausages, but they will never take away our freedom” (Braveheart).

Dom has also singled out “I see sausages” (Sixth Sense) as a firm front-runner.

“We’ve had several thousand interactions,” he added. “And the week is great promotion for our innovative range of sausages.”

To take part in the competition, you can send your own sausage film quotes at @MeatlineMaldon on Facebook and @Meatline_Ltd on Twitter.

The shop is also developing two further creations; the Nana Biddle’s Buckshot Black, a pork, wild game (pheasant, partridge, pigeon) and black treacle creation with subtle notes of horseradish and blackened Cajun spice; and a fine pork and lamb sausage blended with garlic, chilli, ginger, almond and coconut milk, with fresh curry leaves and coriander.

The company has collaborated in the past with comedian Nick Helm, who created his own sausage, called the Man from Uncle sausage: the thinking man’s banger.

Tell us about your own unique and innovative ways to celebrate UK Sausage Week at @UKSausageWeek on Facebook and Twitter.

To find out more about the campaign, visit www.uksausageweek.com.