An overwhelming 63.59% of sausage consumers prefer to buy their bangers from a high street butcher’s shop, according to the latest Q Guild Sausage Survey that came out just as UK Sausage Week commenced.

Supermarkets came second, at 29.03%, while only 0.46% of respondents prefer to order their sausages online.

Traditional sausages were picked as a favourite buying option by 89.20% of people surveyed, with sausage rolls coming second, at 26.29%, and lorne/square sausages coming third, at 22.07%.

Chipolatas were not far behind, with 21.13% of respondents picking them as their favourite buys, while hot dogs came last, at 6.57%.

Pork was the clear champion of preferred type of sausage meat, with 81.77% of responses, followed by beef at 11.82%, lamb at 0.99% and venison at 0.49%.

Almost half of the people surveyed by the Q Guild, at 51.64%, stated they eat one to two sausages in one sitting, while 47.89% said they eat three or four bangers in one sitting.

In addition, tomato ketchup came on top of respondents’ most preferred condiment with sausages, at 37.38%, followed by brown sauce at 16.82%, mustard at 12.62% and chutney at 2.34%.

However, 21.96% of people surveyed stated they used no condiment when eating sausages.

What’s more, mashed potatoes are enjoyed with sausages by 52.48% of consumers asked, followed by 49.01% of them who prefer them in a sandwich or roll.

Sausages are also enjoyed as part of a full cooked breakfast by 43.07% of respondents, while sausages in a casserole was picked by 26.73%, closely followed by BBQ at 26.24%; sausage meat stuffing came last at 12.87% of preference.

Finally, 62.38% of consumers asked stated their favourite sausage flavour plain or lightly seasoned, followed Cumberland sausages, at 24.26%, caramelised red onion at 19.80%, pork & leek at 14.85%, sweet chilli at 9.41% and lamb and mint at 6.44%.

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