UK Sausage Week featured on The Chris Evans Breakfast Show on BBC Radio 2 during the campaign’s opening day – 30th October.

Famous broadcaster Evans discussed his favourite sausages live on air – selecting a “good solid pork snorker” as the one to beat.

He also revealed that the last sausage he would eat before a hypothetical death would be a traditional pork banger on a slice of “lavishly buttered white bread” – perhaps with mustard or ketchup as an accompaniment.

Evans invited consumers to text him and reveal their sausage favourites as part of the show’s daily Top Tenuous section.

The Sausage Top Tenuous was as follows:

Number 10
Scott: “When I was a young lad in the cubs we made the world record for the longest sausage – one foot for every year that the cubs had existed, which was at that point seven years.”

Number 9
Sam: “I ended up in a sausage eating contest with a friend at a stag weekend. We ate four feet of Cumberland sausage each and called it a draw.”

Number 8
Kate: “My niece Rosie had a sausage named after her at the Melton Mowbray Pork Pie Shop as her mum used to buy so many. She then cut the ribbon to open their new shop.”

Number 7
Lloyd: “My son Oliver’s boss Tim holds the world record for the most sausages made in one minute. His record is 62.”

Number 6
Richard: “I provide the Mercedes Formula 1 team with all their sausages in European races and I put that down to them winning the Drivers and Constructors Championship this season.”

Number 5
David: “My wife tried to buy 50 sausages online and accidently bought 500. We have borrowed space in a lot of friends’ freezers.”

Number 4
Laura: “My sister-in-law has the best job in the world. She is chief sausage taster for Sainsbury’s.”

Number 3
Peter: “I started the Lincolnshire Sausage Festival. It’s the only one in the world and attracts 15,000 visitors.”

Number 2
Ruth: “Whilst running the London Marathon I saw my family at the nine mile point only to be chastised by my son for being beaten by a giant sausage.”

Number 1
Chris: “Last year I went on a sausage making course. On return I promptly handed in my notice, converted my garage and am now the proud owner of a sausage shop in Sheffield.”

UK Sausage Week runs until Bonfire Night – 5th November. For further information and for tips on how your business can celebrate the campaign, visit