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Winner reactions and testimonials

See what some of the past-winners had to say about receiving an accolade during UK Sausage Week… 

Lauren Morgan, Morgan’s Country Butchers, winner of the UK Supreme Sausage Champion award for its Traditional Shropshire Pork Sausage:

“Being crowned Supreme Champion and winning Britain’s Best sausage has given us nationwide recognition. The overwhelming congratulations and support from loyal customers, new customers, fellow butchers and industry colleagues has been incredible and has made us so very proud.

“Our sausage sales have always been high but have truly soared since winning this prestigious title. We ship them nationwide and overseas and have quadrupled the amount we make a week to meet demand.

“Our most incredible publicity has to be being invited onto ITV’s This Morning, where Phil & Holly interviewed us and tasted our sausages. A complete whirlwind, and an unimaginable platform to showcase meat, butchery and provenance in a positive and celebrated light.

“We also were supported by our local radio station, Shropshire Radio, local newspapers, and magazines who are always keen to follow our success.

“UK Sausage Week is the most fantastic opportunity to showcase a whole range of our homemade sausages, the team at Meat Management, Institute of Meat and the fabulous Ladies in Pigs are so wonderful, the time and effort they all put in to organise such an event is something we are very proud to support.

“What do you have to lose? Competitions create a buzz in the shop, watch your customers rally behind you and the whole experience is positive.”

UK Supreme Sausage Champion: L-R: Host Lesley Waters with winner Darren Morgan of Morgan’s Country Butchers with category partner Richard Watson of Reiser.

Best Independent Butcher North Innovative Sausage: L-R: Host Lesley Waters with winners Stephen and Jennie Allison of Low Howgill Butchers with category partner James Smith of Kalsec.

Jennie Allison, Low Howgill Limited, winner of the Best Independent Butcher: North Innovative category:

“The awards have had a great effect on our business. Our customers have responded fantastically to the award and we have had increased footfall to our shop. We have had some great publicity in the local press as a result of our award, but also in national press via social media which is a fantastic tool for getting the word out.

“We will definitely be entering the awards this year; we really enjoy showcasing our sausages and it’s great to be involved in a competition like this.

“If you’re thinking of entering, go for it! There is nothing to lose and everything to gain from being in a competition, plus have some fun thinking of an innovative sausage! Get all the staff involved and make them feel part of something big.”

Anna Longthorp, Anna’s Happy Trotters, winner of the Best Independent Butcher: North East Innovative category:

“Since entering UK Sausage Week 2019 and winning the Best Independent Butcher: North East award in the innovative category, business has been really good, and the awards gave our staff a massive morale boost. We all had a great day out at the awards and enjoyed chatting to others in the industry.

“We will be looking to enter UK Sausage Week 2020, perhaps with a pork, chilli and elderflower sausage or a pork and stilton sausage as these seem to be the most popular through the trials we have carried out.”

Best Independent Butcher North East Innovative Sausage: L-R: Host Lesley Waters with winners Anna Longthorp and Niki Storey of Anna’s Happy Trotters with category partner Denise McGrahan of Dalziel Ingredients.

Best Independent Butcher North East Traditional Sausage: L-R: Host Lesley Waters with winners Graham Ward and Laura Smith of Uncle Henry’s with category partner Denise McGrahan of Dalziel Ingredients.

Graham Ward, Uncle Henry’s, winner of the Best Independent Butcher: North East Traditional category:

“Winning such a prestigious award has only had a positive effect on our business. We received great social media coverage and engagement from our customers, and we will definitely be entering the awards again this year.

“There is absolutely nothing to lose and you might be delighted with your result, so go for it and enter the awards this year!”

Sue Stephenson, Donald Russell, winner of the Best Scottish Sausage with the Nurnberger Sausage in the Innovative category:

“It’s been really positive for us since we won our award. It’s raised awareness of our Continental sausage range and their USPs (such as the sheer amount of quality meat we pack into them!). On top of all that, we’ve seen a 17% increase in sales of that product since we won the award.

“Our customers responded really well on social media – we had lots of engagement which was great. UK Sausage Week is a good hook to hang varied social media content on, and we made the most of this with recipes etc, as well as links to our sausages.

“The awards are a really worthwhile, positive experience and it raises the profile of the industry in a fun and engaging way. There are so many great butchers in the UK, that winning an award is only part of the benefit – getting the country thinking and talking about great sausages can only be good for us all!”

Best Butcher Scotland Innovative Sausage: L-R: Host Lesley Waters with winner Robert McFarlane of Donald Russell with category partner Gordon King of Scottish Craft Butchers

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